Fertilizers – Organic & Bio Fertilizers

In India fertilizers have acquired a tremendous significance in last two decades. The compounds which are required by plants for improving the yield are called fertilizers, Farmers use this on a regular basis to increase crop yield. The fertilizers include types like organic fertilizers, biofertilizers in addition to chemical fertilizers.

The following are the category of fertilizers which are mostly used by the farmers

  • Inorganic or chemical fertilizers: NAP fertilizer, DAP fertilizer, Urea fertilizer, further inorganic fertilizers include nitrogen fertilizers, potassium
  • Fertilizers, phosphorous fertilizers and calcium and magnesium fertilizers Organic fertilizer: Agriculture and animal waste
SPIC Single Superphosphate
Navratna Phosphate
Gromor Fertilizer
Ipl Muriate Of Potash, Granules,
SPIC DAPDi Ammonium Phosphate
engro dap
Mahadhan Fertilizer, 50 Kg, Grade Standard: Bio-Tech Grade

Fertilization of crop plants is necessary because:

  • Fertilizers make plants more pest-resistant. As a result, their use of insecticides and herbicides has decreased, resulting in healthier crops.
  • Fertilizers help plants retain more water and develop deeper roots.
  • NPK added are to the plants to provide essential nutrients as well as improve the characteristics of the crops thus fetching good price in the market

Promoting the usage of adequate dose of fertilizers has been one of the most important components of agricultural strategy to get maximum yield

Jai ho kisan is the mobile platform designed exclusively for farmers and employs people who have expertise in agricultural sector and are associated not only with dealers to procure quality brand fertilizers but also works close to the farmers through effective market research in order to understand the needs of the farmers.

The dedicated team of agri-research would assist the farmers in getting the right information on fertilizers and this process takes place in a sequence

  • Farmers will contact our farmer support center.
  • Our crop advisory specialist will take the call and gather information from the farmers about his crop for instance, age of the crop and any deficiency symptoms if seen
  • Following the collection of information on symptoms, our experts thoroughly assess the nutritional deficiencies
  • After identification, our crop advisory specialist will recommend the best chemical control methods with dosages based on the weather condition

Our product catalogue includes wide range of fertilizers from the trusted brands among the farmers and include products like

  • Nagarjuna urea 46% N
  • Nagarjuna Maha zinc (Zinc sulphate)
  • Godavari DAP

Farmers can buy wide range of quality fertilizers from the app. In addition, the effective supply chain system carries out the functions of storage, transportation and delivers fertilizers within 24 hours after placing the order and enables farmers save his time and money.