Micronutrients for Soil

Micronutrients are plant nutrients that are present in trace quantities in plant tissues but are critical for plant growth and development. Despite the fact that micronutrient demands are minimal, these nutrients have a direct impact on crop growth and production.

Micronutrient elements needed for plant growth include: Boron (B), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn), Magnesium and Phosphorous(p)

Plant nutrition would be impaired without these micro nutrients potentially resulting in lower plant yields.

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Some of the important aspects of micronutrients in plant development are listed below:

  • Phosphorous (p) is needed for root development
  • Zinc stimulates enzymes involved in the synthesis of specific proteins. It aids the plant's ability to survive cold temperatures by assisting in the formation of chlorophyll and certain carbohydrates, as well as the conversion of starches to sugars
  • Boron helps in pollination as well as fruit setting in other words boron plays a vital role in reproductive development of the plant
  • Iron helps in chlorophyll synthesis

Soil erosion and long-term cropping have resulted in the removal of micronutrients from soils, the deficiency of any of the above micronutrient would damage the crop, thus there is a need of external addition of micronutrients but most of the farmers are unsure of dosage of micronutrients.

Application of these nutrients in large amounts would damage the crop and relatively smaller amount does not fix up the deficiency, hence there is a medium through which farmer gets an access on the above information

Jai ho kisan addresses this gap and assist the farmers in getting right information and this process takes place in sequence

  • Farmers will contact our farmer help center
  • Our crop advisory specialist will take the call and gather information from the farmers about his crop for instance, age of the crop, deficiency symptoms the severity
  • Following the collection of information on symptoms, our experts thoroughly assess the nature of symptom and micronutrient to be applied
  • once the symptom has been identified, our crop advisory specialist will recommend the best available micronutrients with dosages based on the weather condition.

Micronutrients of the highest quality obtained from reputable brands and include:

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  • Aries
  • Coromandel
  • Nagarjuna

In addition to acquiring expert advice farmers on micronutrients, farmers can buy high quality micronutrients online at affordable prices without any delivery charges and the products are delivered within 24 hours