Important Biofertilizers and their usage in different crops

Published on Nov 25th, 2021

In recent years ,due to modernization and increased population agriculture is becoming more dependent on chemical fertilizers over usage of chemical fertilizers in higher amounts however has resulted in increased crop yields whereas, the adverse effect of these chemical fertilizers has resulted in decreased soil structure and microflora.

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8 Important Techniques to Improve Crop Productivity in Agriculture

Published on Nov 17th, 2021

Crop yield has been one of the major concerns to farmers for a very long time. Farming efficiency always depends upon the average crop yield obtained per acre of land. Efforts have been made since ages to increase crop productivity in agriculture, today, in addition to the age-old practices there is a need to adapt various other important techniques for increasing crop productivity to meet the requirement of increasing population.

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Top 10 Agriculture Products Which Increases The Efficiency Of Farming In 2022

Published on Nov 10th, 2021

Farming has been the backbone of our country since ancient times and was a total labour-intensive method involving a great deal of time and effort. As time passed, the effort for farming decreased, thanks to farm mechanization. Farmers now use various agriculture equipments which help in providing higher yields with less effort.

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This Rabi Season Telangana Farmers Growing Vegetables Instead Of Paddy

Published on Oct 25th, 2021

Telangana farmers are now facing a challenge for the upcoming rabi season which starts from the first week of october and extends till january , Since the State government has advised farmers not to cultivate paddy crop, as the centre has stated that it would not purchase rabi produce.

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