Five low maintenance indoor plants

Published on March 25th, 2022

We plant trees to combat the pollution by purifying air, but have you come across house plants which also help in purifying air? Yes there are some amazing plants which cleanse the environment inside home. NASA recently has released a statement indicating that house plants would actually do wonders in purifying the air.

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Published on March 17th, 2022

Summer is already here, Indian summers are very painful and most places in India are not only humid but experience very high temperatures.

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వంట గది వ్యర్థాలను పునర్వినియోగించడం ఎలా ?

Published on March 9th, 2022

ఈ మధ్యకాలంలో వ్యర్థాల నిర్వహణ అనేది మన దేశంలో ప్రధాన సమస్యగా నిలుస్తుంది అయితే వంటగది వ్యర్థాలు ప్రధాన పాత్ర పోషిస్తుంది. నిర్మూలనకు 35 గ్రాముల ఆక్సదయార్జిల్ అనే కలుపు మందును వాడుకోవాలి,

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కలుపు మందు వాడేముందు తీసుకోవలసిన జాగ్రత్తలు

Published on March 2nd, 2022

ప్రస్తుత మార్కెట్లో పంట ఎదుగుదలకు మరియు కలుపు నివారణకు వివిధ రకాల మందులు లభిస్తున్నాయి, కానీ ఏ పైరుకు ఏ మందు ఎంత మోతాదులో వాడాలి అనే ప్రశ్న రైతులందరికీ ఉన్నప్పటికీ సరైన అవగాహన లేక రైతులు తమకు తోచిన మోతాదు లో మందులు చల్లుకోవడం వలన చాలావరకు నష్టపోతున్నారు, ఉదాహరణకు మాగాణి వరిలో, నాటిన ౩ నుండి 5 రోజులలోపు కలుపు నిర్మూలనకు 35 గ్రాముల ఆక్సదయార్జిల్ అనే కలుపు మందును వాడుకోవాలి,

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Published on Feb 25th, 2022

The heat of summer is already here! While humans are whelmed with fruit juices, coconut water, herbal teas, buttermilk, and many more to quench their thirst, we still are not sure if we could get over the summer or end up taking the harsh sunlight. It sometimes is really stressful for us to get over the summer months which either makes us dry or may end up making us wither.

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పంటలలో విత్తనశుద్ధితో అధిక లాభాలు

Published on Feb 22nd, 2022

రైతులు ప్రతీ ఏటా వర్షపాత కొరత, ధరల అస్థిరత మరియు పెరుగుతున్న రుణ సమస్యలతో బాధ పడుతుంటారు వాటి తో పాటు నాణ్యమైన విత్తనాల లభ్యత అనేది ప్రధాన సమస్యగా నిలుస్తుంది, ఒక వేళ నాణ్యమైన విత్తనాలు దొరికినా వాటి విత్తనోత్పత్తి శాతం వివిధ అంశాల పైన ఆధారాపాడి ఉంటుంది వాటి తో పాటు ముఖ్యమైనది పంటను ఆశించే చీడ పీడలు, అయితే ఈ చీడ పీడల సమస్య విత్తన శుద్ధి ద్వారా కొంత వరకు అరికట్టవచ్చును.

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Published on Feb 17th, 2022

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant which is easy for cultivation and gives considerable benefits with a very minimum investment. Because of its medicinal and ornamental properties, aloe vera is in high demand both nationally and internationally.

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Micro Irrigation a way of sustainable agriculture

Published on Feb 11th, 2022

It is evident from various scenarios and increasing population that the water crisis in coming years is going to worsen in the country and agriculture standing up as the major sector consuming more water accounting for more than eighty percent usage of available groundwater.

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మూడు నెలల్లో పంట కోత - స్వల్పకాలిక పంటలు

Published on Feb 4th, 2022

వ్యవసాయం నుండి అధిక లాభాలు పొందడానికి, ఎక్కువ కాలం ఉండాల్సిన అవసరం లేకుండా , వర్షాకాలం వ్యవసాయం కోసం మీరు పంట నాటుకొని 3 నెలల్లోనే దిగుబడిని పొందవచ్చు, అంటే విత్తనాలు విత్తినప్పటి నుండి అవి అమ్మకానికి అందుబాటులోకి వచ్చే వరకు కేవలం 90 రోజులు మాత్రమే పడుతుంది. రైతులు మరియు అగ్రిబిజినెస్‌లు పెట్టుబడిని పెట్టి ఏడాదికి అనేక సార్లు సాగు చేయడం ద్వారా అధిక లాభాలను పొందవచ్చును.

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Sericulture: The Secret Of Silk Making And The Benefits Of Silk Making

Published on Jan 7th, 2022

Many myths and stories exist, and some people still are unaware of the exact origin of silk. Silk is produced from the pupa of silkworm, yes! Many might think how a pupa could produce silk thread.

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High Quality Seeds Can Help In Reaping Higher Yield To The Farmer

Published on Jan 6th, 2022

Rainfall scarcity, price volatility and increasing debts are all the possible risks faced by the Indian Farmers every year, but the threats posed by COVID-19 pandemic have put new challenges like food security

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Reviving Millet Production In India To Meet Nutrition Challenge

Published on Dec 30th, 2021

The Government of India stated that millet production should be increased in the country and added in the following two years, the government will promote their cultivation through various schemes and programmes.

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Cultivation Methods of Oil Palm for Better Yields

Published on Dec 24th, 2021

Oil palm is one of the important oilseed crops in the world to produce the highest cooking oil. It has an oil yield of 4 to 6 tons per hectare per year and is a major producer of cooking oils worldwide.

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The Fall Armyworm Lends a Bitter Note To The Farmer's Journey

Published on Dec 20th, 2021

Shivaram of Andhrapradesh has been growing maize for decades and acquired ample returns from the crop but, fall armyworm, a devastating pest in recent times has started destroying the crop which is the main source of income to the farmer and left him in distress. Here is the annoying experience of a farmer with fall armyworm.

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Onion Growth and Production Techniques for Increased Yield Per Acre

Published on Dec 16th, 2021

Onion, which is one of the important crops of the country, is used as a vegetable and in combination with other vegetables to add flavour and taste. It has many health benefits such as the onion eliminates bad cholesterol thus reducing the excess fat accumulation around the liver. Onions also contain high amounts of vitamin C and beta carotene.

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Effective Methods To Control Sucking Pests In Tomato Fields

Published on Dec 14th, 2021

Tomatoes are the widely cultivated vegetable crop all over the country and can be grown on a wide range of soils from sandy to heavy clay. According to the horticulture department, on an average, 4 lakh tonnes of tomato per year are cultivated. However there are certain limitation of cultivating tomato of which sucking pests are of major concern

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Western Thrips Or Black Thrips To Cross Economic Threshold Level

Published on Dec 7th, 2021

Aphids, Jassids, Whiteflies and thrips are some of the most common pests attacking chilli crops causing severe damage to the crop if not controlled in time, however these pests were under economic threshold level and have been controlled with recommended pesticides.

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Role of Humic Acid in Improving Soil Structure and Soil Microbial Activity

Published on Dec 3rd, 2021

Natural decay of plant and animal materials produces humic and fulvic acids as the end products, Humic acid is formed through biological humification of plant and animal material through biological activity of microorganisms. Naturally humic acids are seen in soil, ocean, peat and fresh water.

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What Is Integrated Pest Management And How Effective It Is In Pest Control?

Published on Nov 29th, 2021

IPM or Integrated pest management is the system where you can solve the problems related to pests while minimizing the risk to people as well as the environment and focuses mainly on long-term prevention of problems related to almost all pests.

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Important Biofertilizers and their usage in different crops

Published on Nov 25th, 2021

In recent years ,due to modernization and increased population agriculture is becoming more dependent on chemical fertilizers over usage of chemical fertilizers in higher amounts however has resulted in increased crop yields whereas, the adverse effect of these chemical fertilizers has resulted in decreased soil structure and microflora.

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8 Important Techniques to Improve Crop Productivity in Agriculture

Published on Nov 17th, 2021

Crop yield has been one of the major concerns to farmers for a very long time. Farming efficiency always depends upon the average crop yield obtained per acre of land. Efforts have been made since ages to increase crop productivity in agriculture, today, in addition to the age-old practices there is a need to adapt various other important techniques for increasing crop productivity to meet the requirement of increasing population.

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Top 10 Agriculture Products Which Increases The Efficiency Of Farming In 2022

Published on Nov 10th, 2021

Farming has been the backbone of our country since ancient times and was a total labour-intensive method involving a great deal of time and effort. As time passed, the effort for farming decreased, thanks to farm mechanization. Farmers now use various agriculture equipments which help in providing higher yields with less effort.

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This Rabi Season Telangana Farmers Growing Vegetables Instead Of Paddy

Published on Oct 25th, 2021

Telangana farmers are now facing a challenge for the upcoming rabi season which starts from the first week of october and extends till january , Since the State government has advised farmers not to cultivate paddy crop, as the centre has stated that it would not purchase rabi produce.

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