Pesticides – Insecticides & Chemicals

Farmers use various pest control techniques in both modern and conventional farming methods to protect crops from pests and increase yields. These pest control methods include biological methods such as the use of neem oil and sticky-traps and others include organic pesticides

Pesticides help in effective control of a wide range of pests. Hundreds of companies in India provide pest control services to the farmers. Chemical pesticides are commonly used by farmers in addition to biological control methods and these chemical pesticides include calcium nitrate, chlorpyrifos, potassium sulphate and similar other products in addition it also contains systemic insecticides, coragen insecticides and delegate insecticides, farmers use weedicides, fungicides along with pesticides for effective crop protection.

pesticide covers a wide range of compounds

The following category of products help farmers in process of fighting against various pests, diseases and weeds

  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Weedicides

In such critical value chain of agri-inputs. Jai ho kisan which is a tech enabled mobile platform is contributing in agri-sector for the better crop and pest managements and is pledged to improve the crop yield of the farmer thus reducing the cost of agri-inputs.

Jai ho kisan is a seasoned mobile platform which is bringing farmers and pesticide manufacturers together thus filling the gap between both by enabling farmers buy pesticides of quality brands. wide range of pesticides are procured from standard pesticide companies and are delivered within 24 hours of order placement. Our brand wagon is made up of the most trusted brands among farmers, such as

  • Tata Rallis
  • Bayer
  • Syngenta
  • UPL
  • Coromandel
  • Corteva
  • Aries
  • Adama
  • BASF

Both pesticide companies and farmers profit from this platform because it prevents brand replication and adulteration.

The dedicated team of agri-research would assist the farmers in getting the right information on pesticides and this process takes place in a sequence

  • Farmers will contact our customer service department.
  • Our crop advisory specialist will take the call and gather information from the farmers about his crop for instance, age of the crop, symptoms of disease or pest attack and the severity
  • Following the collection of information on symptoms, our experts thoroughly assess the nature and stage of the pest
  • once the pests have been identified, our crop advisory specialist will recommend the best chemical control methods with dosages based on the weather condition, and the stage of infection

Jai ho kisan assists farmers in getting better yields and financial fruits by providing appropriate agri-inputs at reasonable prices